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Welcome to Manipay Hindu College & Manipay Ladies College Old Students’ Association [Est 1991] - Canada's Website!

This association was formed in January 1991. Its regular membership is made up of past students of Manipay Hindu College and Manipay Ladies College. Associate membership is open to current and past members of staff as well as family members of the students of the school.

The object of forming this association is to provide financial and moral support to develop a solid curriculum, enhance sporting facilities and cultural activities in our schools.

up coming activities


 Manipay Hindu College Centenary Celebration in Canada (1910-2010) on July 31, 2010 and we are heading forward to 105th year celebration on July 31, 2015
Association's Official Website has been launched on July 2010. We are celebrating our fifth year anniversary.


Jun 14, 2015                  Pongum Poluthu
Aug 11, 2015                 Sports meet at Morningside Park
Oct 1, 2015                   Vani Vizhla (Saraswathi Pooja)
Dec 5, 2015                   Holiday Night Celebiration

our College history


Manipay Hindu College is located on Sangarappillai Road, in Manipay, Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

Our college is situated in Manipay on the road leading to Annaicoddai from Manipay. 

Late Mr. W. Sangarappillai of Manipay was the founder of this college. Foundation for our college was laid on 4th of July, 1910.

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EST 1991

EST 04.JUL.1910

EST 01.FEB.1963

Manipay Ladies’ College (M.L.C.) which is 52 years old has a rich history. In the year 1944 it was                                      V. Veerasingam, Principal of Manipay Hindu College who took the courageous decision to admit girls into a boy’s school despite limited space for accommodation.